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Our expertise and know-how in product design, production and distribution, facilitate and improve all aspects within your purchasing and innovation process. Whether we assist you in a single aspect or support you from A to Z, our aim is to contribute to the development of honest, high-quality products and brands that allow you to effortlessly build a sustainable capsule collection infused with an unmistakable brand identity.


Design is the first visual aspect of everything we perceive. It’s the start of a story. Our work tells the story of the sensitivity as to how materials work on their own and together. The love for minimalist, functional yet poetic objects is evident in everything we design. The desire to create spaces with a warm and inviting atmosphere, has given us a preference for classic and organic shapes, natural materials and a subtle, elegant tonal pallet.


Our profound passion, craftsmanship skills and years of experience in the interior design world are strongly present in all our designs and products. An uncompromising devotion to quality and materials, as well as to our clients, is the trademark of Charlotte Helsen. Demands and styles change – our outstanding commitment to best craftsmanship remains.

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