Elevating driven
interior brands

Welcome to the realm of interior object and concept design by Charlotte Helsen. We develop brand concepts and design, produce & distribute custom products for esteemed interior brands, wholesalers and large-scale retailers. We strive to create innovative and exclusive collections to differentiate your offer, while reflecting your brand identity and maintaining a serene coherence throughout various product ranges. Explore the realm of Charlotte Helsen and join us in a collaboration of distinctive style and vision.

Times have changed,
our values remain

Twenty-five years of distributing pure, high-quality and timeless product designs worldwide have made our esteemed family company, formerly known as Maison Péderrey, a well-established name in interior design.

While times have changed, the company values remain; reliability, quality and simplicity are securely built into our distinctive family company’s DNA. These values are the foundation of Charlotte Helsen.

Your story, our expertise -
a distinctive style and vision

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We are devoted to creating bespoke value for esteemed interior brands which identify with our values and distinctive style. Our signature vision intwined with your brand’s identity and personal story – that is what each of our cases represent.

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