About Charlotte Helsen

At Charlotte Helsen, we reinforce the value of a personal approach, which is key in every aspect of our business. It allows us to respond to the need for exclusivity, identity and differentiation in today’s interior scene.

Enhancing brand identity for a sustainable future

Innovative, bespoke collections for interior brands, wholesalers and large-scale retailers

We create innovative collections for interior brands, wholesalers and large-scale retailers. With a progressive approach to meet B2B demands, Charlotte Helsen offers customized collections suited to your company’s current collection and brand identity. Distinguish your company with a unique style and brand concept, stay on top of the ever-evolving trends of design, attract new customers and keep your current client base curious with your continuous supply of exclusive interior design objects.

The seasonal buying process is time consuming, not to mention stressful. The question always remains; Is this product exclusive enough for our customer? Will the product complement our current collection? Does this product meet our company values? Are the suppliers reliable?

At Charlotte Helsen, we can ease your mind and offer your business everything it needs to continue to conquer and prosper. We offer year-round creative concept development for exclusive products, tailored to your personal style. Our high level of understanding enables us to respect and identify with your brand’s DNA and to offer you great flexibility in style and creativity. Let us meet your wants and needs, save you time and guarantee meeting your high-quality standards. We can enhance your brand’s identity for a sustainable future.

It runs in the family

The company bears the name of its successor and creative Director, Charlotte Helsen. As the second generation of interior design suppliers, she has inherited a creative mind, a great eye for detail and a deep passion for craftsmanship. Creating custom collections, managing in-house operations, and personally assisting internationally esteemed clients, has allowed Charlotte to gain extensive expertise and valuable know-how through hands-on experience.

Today, Charlotte’s personal values and expertise translate into a bespoke approach – reflecting serenity, consistency, and purity in the services we offer, the products we create, the long-term partnerships we build and the way our company operates as a whole.

The story of pure, high quality and timeless interior design continues

Established in 1997 from a desire to create a true aesthetical experience instead of a mundane product for the B2B business and their clientele, the family company – formerly known as Maison Péderrey – has distributed their distinguished interior vision across the globe. Over the last decade, this industry has demanded a much more personal approach.

At Charlotte Helsen, we reinforce the value of a personal approach through an innovative offer in product design and concept development. Our team of experts further evolve the company’s vision, without losing sight of the core values that brought the family business to where it stands today.

What we offer

Our on-demand advice, design and production services offer secure and efficient possibilities to differentiate your offer, while reflecting your brand identity and maintaining a serene coherence throughout various product ranges – that is what we offer.

Let’s get in touch

Are you interested in enquiring our services for your brand? We would love to tell you more about our company and our advanced way of working.